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CultuRama 2018 celebrates panorama of cultures

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CultuRama 2018 celebrates panorama of cultures

It has been a month since one of the most anticipated yearly events at UWCSEA East - and the celebration and immense joy it brought to campus, still linger...
On Thursday, 4 October 2018, more than 300 members of the High School student body put up a spectacular dance show. Fondly known as 'CultuRama', this annual school event celebrates a variety of cultures and pushes students outside their comfort zone; giving them the opportunity to learn different dance styles as well embracing their traditions, bringing the UWC mission to life. This year a total of 14 countries were represented and there was even a special performance by the Blue Dragon GC! East students collaborated with the children from Blue Dragon who had flown in from Vietnam to perform a magnificent piece showcasing their country’s rich heritage.
The intensive rehearsals required to make show day possible had a dedicated team and their combined effort. The commitment of the students working backstage, the energetic student emcees, the support from the dance teacher, Ms Thomas, as well as the people working tirelessly in the lighting box, not forgetting the hard work put in by the dancers and choreographers!
On the day of the show, the UWC community set up stalls in the plaza, each one representing a country with beaming parents donning their national attire, enthusiastically distributing their country’s delicacy. This coupled with the melodious voices of talented performers set the joyous atmosphere.
Weeks and weeks of practice involving blood, sweat and tears most definitely paid off, as the spirited dancers gave the audience their very best, leaving them in awe.
The zeal the students performing Haka representing New Zealand brought to the stage, the Indian dance forms illuminating the room with their candles, the high energy packed performances of USA and Jamaica, just to name a few. They dutifully did their part by rewarding the performances that unfolded in front of them with thunderous rounds of applause.
The energy in the auditorium was off the charts as the entire cast and crew assembled for the finale, smiles were exchanged all around as the dancers took their places on the stairs while the dance leaders and crew took the stage. They collectively sang “On top of the World” by Imagine Dragons, the joy on their faces evident as they thanked the audience and delivered their final bow. Needless to say, both the shows were a resounding success. Here’s to next year!




8 Nov 2018
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