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Cultural exchange between UWCSEA and Meiho High School, Japan

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Cultural exchange between UWCSEA and Meiho High School, Japan

On 21 June 2018, the IDEAS Hub welcomed students and teachers from Meiho High School, Tokyo Japan. They were in Singapore as part of an international exposure trip. Three UWCSEA students worked over a few weeks to prepare souvenirs and activities to welcome the group of 12 students. 

Each student from Meiho gave a presentation. Some of the topics included:

- General overview of programming education in Japan 
- Basics of programming
- Presentation of surgical experiment using a pig's heart 
- Studies on Graphene
- Rakugo (Japanese comical storytelling in English)
- Robot programming activity 

The students were very well versed in their topics of interest. They also taught some of the IDEAS Hub staff and UWCSEA students how to program robots they brought from Japan. 

After the presentations, the UWCSEA students, Mehul, Ryota and Tiffany (Thinzar) led the Meiho students on to another robotic activity called Hebocon. Hebocon is also known as the 'crappy robot competition' where people build functional but zany robots to compete in a sumo style robot challenge. These robots have motors and wheels but can be designed in any way one can imagine.

Among robots that were designed that day include a Banana-bot, Apple robot, Rolled Up Magazine-bot and a robot aptly named the 'Titanic', built by two accompanying teachers in the group. 

Students form Meiho High went home with 3D printed Merlion keychains designed by Ryota and Tiffany. All the students had a lot of fun in this innovation cultural exchange and the IDEAS Hub hopes to have more of such student exchanges in the future!



30 Jul 2018
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