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Chelsea FC IDC SG coach education supports football coaching in Singapore

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Chelsea FC IDC SG coach education supports football coaching in Singapore

Chelsea FC IDC SG's most recent community engagement in the Lion City was when they held their second free coach education workshop at UWCSEA East, since starting operation late last year.

The 6-hour workshop held on Sunday, 25 February focused on the fundamentals of coaching the Foundation Phase (6-11 year olds) and what coaches should and should not be doing when working with these key age groups.

February's seminar welcomed coaches and teachers from across Singapore to the UWCSEA East campus for the theoretical and practical elements which were led and delivered by James Hagerty and Jake Littlejohn. This workshop has brought the number of grassroots coaches benefitting from the CFC workshops to over 65.

"Being able to provide the coaches from across Singapore the opportunity to participate in structured professional development at UWCSEA East was very rewarding due to the enthusiasm and desire to learn from the participants.

We are fortunate that we are able to open the doors of UWCSEA East to local coaches from the community, providing a state of the art facility to support a fantastic learning environment to deliver these types of course. Being able to engage with everyone from the local football community is a priority for Chelsea Football Club, therefore providing a progressive approach to the coaching method. With this in mind, these coaches will positively influence many children throughout Singapore on regular basis."

9 Mar 2018
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