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Careers Fair connects students and professionals

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Careers Fair connects students and professionals

The annual UWCSEA Careers Fair organised and hosted by the Parents' Association on 18 February 2017 was a great success. With over 80 professional participants, 20 parent volunteers, 22 student ambassadors, and over 400 students and parents in attendance from both campuses, it was a wonderful opportunity for our High School students to explore a wide range of career paths and professional interests.

The event opened with a keynote address by Facebook's Regional Director of Human Resources for Southeast Asia and India, Shweta Shukla, and continued with the careers fair booths as well as eight different panel discussions on a broad selection of professional areas including Sports, Systems Design, Healthcare, Arts, Business, Journalism and Media, Public Service, and Technology.

Here's what one of the professionals had to say following the fair: "Great meeting such smart kids and hearing their thoughts, worries, and aspirations. Remembering my own at that age, them that there are no wrong answers or wrong paths. The important thing is to keep an open mind. You never know where life will take you."

Sincere thanks to all of the parents, staff, High School and University Advising team members, alumni, and outside professionals who volunteered their time and shared their insights and experiences with the students. 

25 Mar 2017
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