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Be The Change: Students in Middle School Green Campus Service creating solutions

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Be The Change: Students in Middle School Green Campus Service creating solutions

Throughout all four activity seasons, a group of enthusiastic and committed Middle School students continue to champion the adage 'Be the Change' on the Dover Campus, by taking direct action to help better manage waste generated by the College.

Students in the Green Campus service group aim to support Dover Campus offices with their sustainability efforts, and have been collecting Nespresso capsules each Monday and placing them in a recycling bin near reception. Delivery of replacement capsules to the same location means the vendor collects old capsules for recycling.

At the same time, 13 offices have been trialling compost bins which add the following biodegradable waste to the Dover composting centre:

  • uncooked food
  • coffee grounds
  • paper napkins
  • tea bags

Part of the service is to help students understand and consider the processes involved in recycling and creating sustainable waste management solutions, to reach the learning outcomes and to then reflect on areas for improvement. Initially, students discuss their skills, qualities and prior experience. They then consider the work already undertaken and reflect on areas that can be further developed - both professionally and in the systems being implemented. Students look at what sustainability is and why it is important at all levels of the system.

Student reflections show the different areas in which their focus and understanding has grown after participating in Seasons 1 and 2:

  • Vansh: “Green Campus has taught me that we should care about the Earth just like we care about ourselves.”
  • Feline: “After each session I feel I’ve accomplished something.”
  • Tamara and Francesca: “Sustainability is the key to our future, so being part of the service makes a difference.”
  • Sijun: “By joining Green Campus, it has helped me know my way around school without getting lost, I have grown in confidence because of the service.”
  • Kavin: “Joining Green Campus has given me an opportunity to make a change in the school.”
  • Beatrice G and Ayane: “We help make the change and learn what can bring the change.”
  • Osian, Justin, Tiger and Nick: “By joining Green Campus we have learned that sustainability adds to the value and meaning of life.”

This service has certainly had a positive impact across the campus and complements the work done by other sustainability groups to work towards achieving UN Sustainable Development Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production at UWCSEA.

14 Jan 2019
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