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Bali Bridges Building Trip

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Bali Bridges Building Trip


While some people were resting during the Term 2 break, a team of hardworking and caring kids accompanied by one of their equally brilliant parents flew over to Bali to help the two different orphanages of the Widhya Asih foundations - Blimbingsari and Singaraja.

Many people helped make this trip the incredible trip that it was!

  • Ditch diggers who took the job of digging a two meter deep ditch to fit three giant water tanks.

  • Gardeners who raked trenches for water to flow and create a more efficient garden.

  • Painters who created a mural to make a happier, brighter place to live, work and play in.

  • Roofers who left any fear of heights below them and constructed a roof out of specially shaped tin tile.  Even if they had to do it a second time because of spacing issues!

  • And finally, the many supportive people without whom we could not have done this trip. Even some of the people reading this helped by making donations of shoes and stationery to the children of the Widhya Asih Foundation.

The UWCSEA students also had some of their own jobs:

  • Bucketeers who gathered buckets full of dirt and tipped them out on a mound.

  • Being friends and playing with the Widhya Asih kids.

  • Dishwashers - everyone had the awesome chance to wash some dishes after a meal kindly provided by the children and staff of the Widhya Asih foundation.

Which brings us to thanking them for offering us hospitality. They were like best friends to us and the whole trip would have no point if they weren’t there. They also acted as carpenters and diggers. They also helped shovel the dirt back into the hole, and they performed wonderful dancing for us as we arrived.

In short, we couldn't have done it without them. The staff at Widhya Asih played a big role in making this happen. The cooks had to make double the food for the UWCSEA students and buy double the water. Frankie and his team went and bought buckets and helped with getting the 3 tanks into the hole.




24 May 2016
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