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Anita Kapoor (1989) films two week nursing home stay

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Anita Kapoor (1989) films two week nursing home stay

In late 2016, TV presenter Anita Kapoor (1989) lived for two weeks as a resident of a large Singaporean nursing home. She experienced the loss of autonomy and dignity that is common in such homes when she wore adult diapers, was spoon-fed and slept in a restraining body jacket. 

A moving documentary film of Anita's experiences and her reflections on them has been produced by the Lien Foundation. You can watch the uncut, hour-long version of the documentary on Youtube. A website gives further information about the film and Safe but Soulless, a report by the Lien Foundation, challenges policy makers and nursing home administrators to debate "ways to overcome some of the most complex challenges facing residential aged care today – a severe shortage of workers, a continuing emphasis on outdated medical models of care and a startling lack of choice in affordable living options for those who are not well enough to stay at home and yet not so sick that they require intensive nursing care". Singapore has 12,000 nursing home residents and the number is rising.

In November 2016, Anita Kapoor spoke at Dover about her nursing home experience. She commented that her experience of Local Service at the College had laid the basis for her social activism today. In addition to her work for the Lien Foundation, Anita is an ambassador for Habitat for Humanity, an advocate for LGBT rights in Singapore and an active supporter of Willing Hearts (which cooks and distributes about 5,000 daily meals daily to low income Singaporeans), the Indian educational charity Magic Bus and A Single Love, which supports single parents here in Singapore.

27 Feb 2017
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