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Aerial troupe delights at school assemblies

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Aerial troupe delights at school assemblies

Tucked away in the Main Hall of East Campus we have a fascinating group of Junior and Middle School students who would like to think that gravity doesn’t apply to them - at least not during their lunchtime of aerial gymnastics troupe practice.

The girls have been coming in with their packed lunches and quietly setting up the mats since the start of the year so that they can create some of the most imaginative routines in the air. Whether it is on the cerceau, silk or trapeze they work towards creating graceful routines, making difficult shapes and forms that require great strength and flexibility look effortless.

During the last week of Term 2, they performed at both the Junior and Middle School assemblies and left many students and teacher in awe of the beautiful elegance of their art in the air.

Maureen Thomson
Head of Primary PE
East Campus

Photos by Sylvia Kong, parent, East Campus





30 Mar 2016
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