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ACSIS Junior School Sports: Season 3 Review

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ACSIS Junior School Sports: Season 3 Review

Season 3 has seen over 100 of our Junior School students participate in Season 3 Dragons Sports Teams including Netball (Grades 3-5), Boys Rugby (Grades 3-5), Girls Touch Rugby (Grades 3-5), Cricket (Grades 3-5), Track and Field (Grades 2-5) and Football (Grade 2).

Throughout the season, our teams have been training regularly on Tuesdays and Thursdays as well as taking part in a number of fixtures against other ACSIS Schools.

At Junior School level, we look to maximise participation so every child who signs up for a sport, gets to train, and, if the format allows, play fixtures. During our fixtures, regardless of experience and ability, all players get equal playing time as developing our student athletes is more important than the overall result.

When writing season reviews, there can be a tendency to focus on results. Whilst our teams have performed very well, the improvements they have made in their skills, positional play and understanding of the game have been outstanding; this is where we have focused our praise when celebrating our successes.

I have been fortunate enough to watch all of our teams play at some point in the season and one thing that stands out is the sportsmanship and team spirit shown from our athletes. Win, lose or draw, our Dragons show togetherness and appreciation of both their teammates and opposition.

A huge well done to all of our Dragons and a thank you to parents for their fantastic support.


4 Jun 2018
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