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Parents' Association

Message from the PA Chair

Welcome to the Parents’ Association Dover! We are an active and engaging community of parents with diverse multicultural and racial backgrounds who voluntarily work together to organize various events and activities for the parents. Through our actions, we aim to enhance the experiences and welfare of the students, parents and the rest of the school community  at UWCSEA.

We are unique in our stance as we serve a trifold purpose:

  • Build a community amongst parents for the well-being of our children;

  • Support the College’s Mission and goals in all that we do “ make education a force to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future.”; 

  • Act as a ‘Critical’ friend to the College Administration by providing constructive feedback and acting as a sounding board when required.

Since our inception in 1971, the Parents’ Association has grown in numbers and in strength through the contribution and participation of the parents. We encourage all parents to nominate themselves to join our Managing Committee which is elected  every September. The Managing Committee meets once a month, and portfolio sub-committees and events sub-committees  meet as often as required.  For the 2016/2017 academic year, we have a 27-members on the Managing Committee, the largest number so far in our history. 

We warmly welcome parents who have specific interests to undertake key support roles whether as a Grade Representatives, Nationality Representatives, Parent Buddies and/or as PA member volunteers in our PA Squad.  

  • Through our Grade and Nationality Representatives, we organise Parent Coffee Mornings or Social Evenings as well as other relevant events (be it celebratory or informative) every school term.  We find that these grade and nationality organised events provide a direct opportunity for parents to engage with other parents on a more regular schedule. 

  • Through our Parent Buddy Program, we mobilise seasoned volunteer parents to ‘buddy-up’ with new parents (from both the August and January College intake) in order to provide a more personal and efficient welcoming experience. 

  • Through our newly launched Parent Squad, we are able to draw upon  a wider segment of the parent body who are willing to volunteer but have a less time to participate in our organised events. We want to motivate more parents to become involved in specific events or projects that are more appropriate to their own interests and time-constraints.

In addition to these community-building events and programmes, we also organise the much anticipated Holiday Fair and  Community Fairs which provide a wider common ground for families to enjoy the day whilst still supporting student fundraising initiatives for their chosen Global Concerns Programmes. 

In the last two years these school fairs, together with our sustainability events and forums, have successfully promoted a strong message and call for action for sustainability as we reinvigorate our efforts in supporting the school’s mission statement “... to make education a force to unite people, nations and culture for peace and a sustainable future”.  

We are also committed in enhancing the school curriculum and experience by organising events for students and their parents such as the annual Careers Fair and Transition to University event. We also organise a memorable send-off reception for the graduating class after their Graduation Ceremony and Graduation Dinner.

Lastly, we organise annual appreciation events such as the CinePicnic Under the Stars as a ‘thank-you’ event for all Dover families for all their support throughout the year. We also host separate events to thank the teachers, and admin and facilities staff for their work throughout the year. 

Over and above these multitude of activities and events that the PA organises for the parents and the school community, the PA is a family that welcomes, cares and supports its parent members through the various stages of school life. 

We hope that through our various endeavours, we are able to include and encourage more parents to enjoy and meaningfully enhance their experience at UWCSEA.

Please come and visit us at the PA Lounge. We look forward to welcoming and knowing you more!

Warmest regards,
Clarissa Le Quinio
Chairperson, Parents’ Association Dover


If you are a UWCSEA parent :
Please come and visit us in person in the PA Lounge, open during school hours.

Directions: our office is located on the side of the Tent Plaza, beside the Student Council Office
Via email: drop us a line on
Follow us and our events on Facebook
Get in touch via the school’s secure website

If you are a prospective UWCSEA parent :
Via email: drop us a line on
Follow us and our events on Facebook