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Vision 2020 - a workshop by Kevin Hennah

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Workshop: Vision 2020

UWCSEA East is delighted to be welcoming Kevin Hennah, Library Public Speaker & Consultant to the Campus on Monday 23 September, 2019 from 9am until 3pm.

With a emphasis on maintaining relevant libraries, this highly practical day is targeted at schools seeking inspiration on both refurbishment and low-budget reinvigorations. Drawing on his experience consulting to approximately 2000 schools internationally, Kevin will showcase best practice in library-specific visual merchandising strategies that have proven to increase usage significantly. Kevin's advice regarding seating and creative decoration also translates to classrooms making this workshop of interest to anyone who is interested in creating amazing spaces in their school. Join us for a dynamic day that promises to inspire and highlight  that creativity can be more powerful than funding!

About Kevin Hennah

Kevin Hennah has carried out approximately 2000 onsite consultations at libraries internationally. His keynote presentations and workshops have been delivered throughout Asia, Europe, The UAE, The USA, Canada and Australia. He has a wealth of ideas to share and is passionate about keeping libraries relevant.

Kevin’s background includes over 20 years experience working with international retail brands such as The Body Shop, Kathmandu, OshKosh and Westfield on store design, layout and visual merchandising.

In 2002 he made the transition to work with libraries on strategies to maximise productivity of space, improve presentation and maintain relevance. His understanding of the operational requirements of libraries is coupled with practical advice that is sensitive to budget restrictions and challenges traditional thinking. He is the Author of The Victorian Public Libraries’ Image Handbook and the featured author in Re-think, Ideas for Inspiring School Library Design.

Kevin has input into the design of dozens of new libraries internationally. He also provides guidance to library staff on the coordination of self-managed makeovers at all budget-levels. Through this process, he has helped clients achieve a significant increase in usage by creating what he refers to as the ‘Post-Internet Library’ – a level playing ground between print and online resources.

As an extension of his conference presentations, Kevin has developed a suite of library-specific workshops exploring innovation in library design, layout, furnishings, navigation and signage. His workshops have been delivered throughout Australia as well as The USA, Canada, Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, The Philippines, Laos, Qatar, Dubai, New Zealand, Romania and Belgium.

More information on his work is available here.


Workshop Details

Trainer: Kevin Hennah

Who should attend: Librarians, library assistants, administrators, teachers, and anyone planning or seeking inspiration for a new build or reinvigoration of an existing space

When: Monday, 23 September 2019, 9.30am - 3.00pm

Where: UWCSEA East Campus

Workshop fees:

S$210 (non-ISLN members)

S$190 (ISLN member schools and members)*

* Workshop fees include workshop materials, if any, lunch and snacks.





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