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Reading Projects, Reimagined Workshop with Daniel Feigelson: Student Driven Conferences to Deepen Critical Thinking

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Workshop Outline

Traditionally, reading instruction has largely consisted of students answering clever comprehension questions made up by well meaning teachers. Though there certainly can be value in posing such questions, Ellin Keene, Richard Allington, and others remind us this is assessment, not instruction. Sadly, once students leave school they do not have adults following them around telling them what to think about when they encounter a complex text.
While teachers must of course cover the end-year expectations in reading for their particular grade, it is also important to spend time teaching students to come up with their own lines of thinking about text, how to extend them, and how to back them up with evidence.  This is best done through individualized, project-based reading conferences. 
In this interactive workshop, participants will be led through a series of adult level reading experiences themselves in order to fully appreciate what we want our students to experience in their literacy classrooms. More importantly, they will learn a practical, step-by-step approach to conducting individual reading conferences that deepen comprehension.


08:30-10:00 - Session 1: Who We Are As Readers: Students Coming Up With Their Own Ideas.
10:00-10:20 - Coffee Break
10:20-12:00 - Session 2: Conference Based Reading Projects: A Step By Step Approach.
12:00-12:45 - Lunch Break
12:45-14:30 - Session 3: Teacher As Reading Diagnostician: The Importance Of Naming.
14:30-14:45 - Coffee Break
14:45-16:30 - Session 4: Template Conferences: Building A Repertoire.

About Daniel Feigelson

DAN FEIGELSON is a literacy consultant who specializes in all aspects of reading and writing workshop, grades 2-8. He has worked extensively in New York City schools as a principal, teacher, staff developer, curriculum writer, and local superintendent. An early member of the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project (led by Lucy Calkins and Shelley Harwayne), Mr Feigelson served as a fellow at the University of Pittsburgh’s Institute for Learning, where he helped develop literacy standards for New York and other cities. He is featured in several instructional videos and web materials, and has led institutes, workshops and lab-sites around the world on the teaching of reading and writing. A regular presenter at national and international conferences, Mr Feigelson is also the author of Reading Projects Reimagined: Student Driven Conferences To Deepen Critical Thinking (Heinemann 2014) and Practical Punctuation: Lessons In Rule Making and Rule Breaking For Elementary Writers (Heinemann, 2008).  He lives in Harlem and Columbia County, New York.


Workshop Details

Trainer: Daniel Feigelson

Who should attend: Grade 3-8 teachers

When: Sunday, 8 March 2015

Where: UWCSEA East Campus, Conference Centre (directions to the campus)



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