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Leading Teaching, Learning & Curriculum: Being a Changemaker & Steward

Workshop Outline 

This 2 day workshop, a Hesscairn event, supports participants in building their capacity to lead teaching, learning and curriculum, with a particular emphasis on making positive change, and stewarding teams and communities.

The workshop runs 8.30 - 3.30pm each day.

In the workshop, you will

• explore models of learning leadership

• learn ways to define learning and conditions for learning in specific contexts

• learn ways to lead change and be a changemaker in teams and communities

• develop an understanding and skills for stewardship of teams and communities


About Hesscairn - Imagining Better

Hesscairn’s mission is to support educators who want to make a difference: develop their agency as changemakers and stewards; build their transformative competencies to create new value, manage complexity and take responsibility.


About the Presenter

Stuart MacAlpine is Director of Teaching and Learning at UWCSEA East, Director of Education for Sky School and contributes to workgroups for the OECD and UNDP looking at the future of education.


Workshop Details

Target audienceEducators leading or preparing to lead teaching, learning and curriculum in International schools or NGOs.

When: Saturday 11 May - Sunday 12 May 2019

WhereUWCSEA East Campus, Conference Room 

Cost: USD 400 per participant





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