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Identity and belonging for children growing up internationally: Parent Workshop (East Campus)

Workshop Overview

Expatriate children often spend a substantial amount of time living outside of their passport culture. The experience of regularly moving between different cultures can have a huge impact on identity formation for children and young people.  

In this practical workshop, participants learned useful strategies drawn from Sarah Whyte’s work in the field to support children in developing a strong sense of identity.

This interactive workshop offered the opportunity for discussion with other parents.

Workshop outline

  •  Appreciate the cultural impact of growing up outside of your passport culture
  • Consider the importance of belonging to, and connection with, your host country
  • Reflect upon practical strategies to support children in developing a strong sense of identity


About the Instructor

Sarah is the leading expert on Third Culture Kids (TCKs) in Asia and one of only a handful of people to hold a doctorate in this field of study. Her doctoral thesis focused on the application of emotional intelligence to support expatriate children with the challenges of transition. She currently works as a consultant, trainer and ICF Associate Certified Coach. Her work builds seamlessly on her background as an international teacher. While teaching, she also led the comprehensive personal, social and health education curriculum at Tanglin Trust Junior School in Singapore.

Sarah is an experienced and accomplished moderator of training courses and workshops for parents, teachers, students and corporate clients. Her goal is always to make learning meaningful and impactful. She’s a passionate advocate of equipping expatriate families with positive and practical strategies to ease the emotional friction of transition. Thanks to her doctorate in education, Sarah constantly draws upon current and relevant research to inform best practice in her training.

Workshop Details

Target audience: Junior School parents. However the same concepts can be applied to Middle School parents as well. This workshop is open to anyone who would like to attend from any schools.

Instructor: Sarah Whyte

When: Tuesday 3 October 2017, 8.30am - 10.30am

Where: UWCSEA East Campus, Conference Room 3





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