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International Design & Technology Conference

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International D&T Conference: Shaping a Sustainable Future   

by John Zobrist & Carl Waugh, Design & Technology, United World College of South East Asia, Singapore

We  are very pleased to announce the International Design & Technology Conference: Shaping a Sustainable Future, taking place between 15th and 17th May 2014 at the United World College of South East Asia, East Campus in Singapore.

The conference is aimed at meeting the needs of all those involved in design and technology education in the Asia-Pacific region, providing a range of stimulating keynote lectures, seminars and workshops and the opportunity to network with colleagues from other schools in the region. An exhibition put on by vendors and suppliers of D&T resources has also been planned to run concurrently. We are working in partnership with the Design and Technology Association in the UK and are delighted to have Richard Green, Chief Executive and Andy Mitchell, Assistant Chief Executive providing keynote presentations. Additional keynote speakers include Professor Richard Kimbell, Dr David Spendlove, James Pitt and Torben Steeg, all well known for their significant contribution to the development of D&T education internationally.

The conference will focus on exploring the latest developments in D&T education from an international perspective. In particular, workshop and seminar sessions will address the issues associated with teaching the subject in the Asia Pacific region.

Attending the conference provides a rare opportunity for teachers and others involved in D&T education in the region, to hear about what is new, engage in discussion and meet with experts, suppliers and manufacturers of equipment, tools, machinery and other resources. Hands on workshops will provide further insight into product capability and maintenance, and give attendee’s the chance to discuss their current and future needs with experts.  There will also be experts on hand to advise those who may be planning new workshops and D&T facilities.

It is clear that teaching the subject in an international setting opens up  a host of opportunities including using the rich and varied cultural, social, economic and environmental contexts which exist in the country they are based in, or the developing countries close by. International schools are also unique in their curriculum development as they are influenced by curriculums from around the world, and create a fusion of what they think is best practice and suits their students. There is also a varied range of certificate courses taught in the area, including (I)GCSE, IB MYP, A Level, and with one of the largest catchments of students studying IB Diploma Design Technology in the world.

Teaching and supporting D&T presents a challenging and an exciting experience, but both teachers and technicians must be able to work in a safe and secure environment. Best practice comes from staff who are knowledgeable about relevant aspects of health and safety and who, as a result, feel confident in managing and maintaining a healthy and safe workplace.

The  D&T Association Health and Safety Training Standards provide the benchmark for health and safety training in design and technology, and provide staff with the training, competency and accreditation to enable employers to meet their legal obligations for the health and safety training of their employees. The conference will provide the opportunity  for delegates to achieve health and safety accreditation on the Training Standards at the Core and Specialist Extension Levels for Wood Sawing Machines and Portable Power Tools. Completion of the Core training will provide you with the essential knowledge and understanding  to manage health and safety confidently within your D&T department, and completion of the Wood Sawing and Portable Power Tool training will  provide you with the practical skills to enable you to use this range of equipment, both safely and competently.

There are many reasons Singapore  makes an obvious destination for the conference, including being an excellent transport hub; unique architecture, diverse cultural experiences, vibrant entertainment and a centre for a range of cuisine.


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