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EARCOS Sponsored Weekend Workshop: Cultivating a Connected Learning Environment: Equitable, Social and Participatory

Workshop Overview

This workshop will explore the possibilities of what a connected learning environment might look like within our schools. Participants will discuss the underpinning elements of such a landscape. How can we create and foster a model of learning that holds out the possibility of re-imagining the experience of education in the information age? Participants will draw on the power of today's technology to fuse young people's interests, friendships and academic achievement through experiences laced with hands-on production, shared purpose and open networks. Part theory and part hands on, participants will first ground themselves in the understanding of network theory and shared culture philosophies, whilst exploring networking tools such as blogs and Twitter. Participants will then articulate their experiences with student voice and inquiry based learning, as well as share their knowledge and expertise on traditional modes of assessment and curricula. Finally, participants will investigate the roots of creativity and learn basic design principles and digital storytelling techniques to create a final product to express their learning from the workshop.

Participants will be able to articulate their understanding of:

  • Network Theory (Twitter, Blogs)
  • Shared Culture (Creative Commons)
  • Student Voice & Inquiry Based Learning ("The Table" Harkness)
  • Traditional Assessment/Curriculum

Participants will be able to create a final product using:

  • Design Basics
  • Digital Stories

Meet the trainers

Jabiz Raisdana

Jabiz is currently an English teacher at UWCSEA in Singapore. An Apple Distinguished Educator class of 2011, he is also an amateur writer, musician, photographer, filmmaker and all around provocateur. He is persistently preaching the gospel of sharing and open expression for students and teachers alike. He regularly explores the possibilities of the web not only for his own personal and professional growth, but then he faithfully shares what he finds with students, co-workers and workshop participants like you. An intense and passionate storyteller, Jabiz has a story to tell to and with you. You can find pieces of his work across the web, but he suggests you start at Or drop him a line on Twitter: @intrepidteacher

Paula Guinto

Paula lives in Singapore, where she teaches grades 7 and 8 English at UWCSEA. Her practice revolves around conceptual and contextual teaching where she feels learning happens when students inquire, question, explain, discover, share and do. She loves many minds coming together to arrive at diverse solutions and the building of character. She tries her best to include reflection, discussion, and sustainable action as she teaches and learns with interdisciplinarity. She is passionate about connected learning and teaching, writing, poetry, photography and asking difficult questions. She believes in the power of storytelling and loves seeing how the 21st century landscape is changing how stories are told. You can follow her on Twitter @paulaguinto and Instagram: paulaguinto

Keri-Lee Beasley

Keri-Lee is an Apple Distinguished Educator (ADE) and Professional Developer (APD) currently working as a Digital Literacy Coach at United World College of South East Asia in Singapore – an IB World School. With over 13 years international teaching experience in New Zealand, England, Indonesia and Singapore, she enjoys working with educators to help support them in using technology to enhance learning across multiple subject areas. Keri-Lee has been invited to share her knowledge and passion for educational technologies at conferences and events, including Learning 2.012 in Beijing, 21st Century Learning Hong Kong, Teach IT, Hands on Literacy & Global Entrepreneurship Week at Singapore Polytechnic. You can learn more about Keri-Lee at

Target audience: K-12 teachers

When: Saturday, 26 and Sunday, 27 April

Time: 8:30am - 4:30pm (until 3pm on Sunday)

Where: UWCSEA East, Conference Centre

For more information or queries, please email Caroline or Ambika at



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