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Compass Education Level 1: Practitioner Certification Workshop - Thinking, Learning and Acting for a Flourishing and Sustainable World

Workshop Overview

Often times when it comes to approaching global issues, service, and sustainability, students and teachers are left with a nagging sense of gloom-and-doom, the feeling that somehow we are all responsible for destroying the planet but with no real way of understanding the complexity of the situation or, more importantly, what to do about it.

In this course, educators will be empowered with a suite of tools developed by sustainability consultant Alan AtKisson to help both educators and students think critically and creatively about the bigger picture, gain a deeper understanding of sustainability, and understand our own contributions to the world. These tools and systems thinking methods will enable educators to help students develop the knowledge, skills and dispositions necessary to participate in a complex and interdependent world. The course will be a mix of theory and practice; educators will see examples of these tools in practice and be invited to innovate and strengthen their lessons, units, and programs.

Teachers and leaders who want to integrate sustainability education, tackle complex global issues,  and implement systems thinking into their everyday practice. It would also be of value to curriculum leaders and principals interested in understanding what the practical application of sustainability education looks like

This course is Level 1 of Compass Education’s 2-level educator training program.

As a result of attending this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Enduring understanding as a result of attending this workshop: 
  • Systems thinking enables educators to help their students develop the knowledge, skills and dispositions necessary to participate in a complex and interdependent world. 
  • Understand the nexus of sustainability and education 
  • Be able to use systems thinking tools with students 
  • Be able to integrate systems thinking into unit and lesson planning 


Day 1: Saturday, 26 January
08:30-10:00 - Session 1: Why are we here?
10:00-10:20 - Coffee Break
10:20-12:00 - Session 2: Practical introduction and use of the Compass
12:00-12:45 - Lunch Break
12:45-14:30 - Session 3: Compass theory and application
14:30-14:45 - Coffee Break
14:45-16:00 - Session 4: Compass theory and application continued...

Day 2: Sunday, 27 January
08:30-10:00 - Session 5: An introduction to systems thinking
10:00-10:20 - Coffee Break
10:20-12:00 - Session 6: An introduction to systems thinking continued....
12:00-12:45 - Lunch Break  

12:45-13:45 - Session 7: Innovations & Strategies                                                                                     

13.45-15.00 - Session 8: Final reflections and take-aways 


About Kath Lane

Kath Lane is a Primary School teacher from the UK who has a passion for educating children about nature and sustainability. She worked at Green School in Bali, Indonesia and has completed a Masters of Education in Educating for Sustainability at Antioch University in the United States.

Her most recent position was as a Grade 5 teacher at UWCSEA – East, in Singapore, where she was also Environmental Stewardship Coordinator. In this role Kath was actively involved in infusing sustainability education across the primary grades and beyond. She believes that through curriculum, outdoor education, service and personal/social education children can be given the passion, skills and qualities needed to make the right choices and find sustainable solutions for our world.

Kath’s areas of particular interest are gardening with primary school students, systems thinking in the primary classroom, encouraging students towards a solutions based approach view of the world and an appreciation of nature. In her spare time Kath enjoys the outdoors: nature watching, walking her dog and scuba diving.


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About Adam Erickson

Adam is from Seattle, Washington and has been teaching overseas since 2008.  He has been at UWCSEA East Campus since 2012, where he currently teaches Spanish and serves as the grades 6-12 Environmental Stewardship Coordinator.  Adam became interested in Compass Education as a method of coaching students in planning meaningful and sustainable environmental action.  However, he quickly found that he needed it every bit as much as they did!  Adam feels that a major win of using Compass tools at UWCSEA has been the common language it provides to students and educators alike at all grade levels.  In addition to sustainability, Adam's passions include urban gardening, soccer and cycling.



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Workshop Details

Trainer:  Kath Lane & Adam Erickson

Who should attend: Educational leaders, principals, curriculum leaders and teachers.  

When: Saturday, 26 and Sunday, 27 January, 2019

Where: UWCSEA East Campus, Conference Room 3

Workshop fees: US$327 / S$449*

Registration is closed.



*Course fees include certificate of attendance, workshop materials, a notepad, snacks and lunch. There is a 5% discount if you are registering three or more participants. There is a 10% discount for five participants or more.



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