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Boarding at UWCSEA

The UWCSEA boarding experience is a culturally rich one, providing a supportive international community for our students. Life in the boarding community is enriched by UWC national committee scholarship students who are resident in the boarding houses. The UWC scholars contribute much to the rich and culturally diverse life in UWCSEA’s international boarding family.

Both campuses offer residential boarding for students aged 13–18 years (Grade 8 and above).

The application process for boarding is the same as for day students, except that all prospective boarders are interviewed. This usually take place in Singapore at one of the campuses, however occasionally Admissions staff may be able to conduct an interview while visiting your home country on promotional tours.

Current day students applying to transfer to the boarding house should contact Admissions.

When applying for a place in the boarding programme, applicants are assigned a place at either the Dover or East Campus, depending on their profile. Students who join our boarding houses commit to remain a boarder for:

  • one full academic year, in the case of Grade 8 to Grade 10 students
  • until the completion of the IB Diploma Programme, in the case of Grade 11 and 12 students



Boarding at UWCSEA
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Contact Admissions for more information

Dover Campus

  1. T + 65 6774 2653
  2. E

East Campus

  1. T + 65 6305 5353
  2. E