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Thanks to the generosity of our community planting so many trees in recent years and the maturity of the Rainforest Restoration Nursery project, our gardeners and students will now be able to take over the propagation and planting of replacement growth without support from the Adopt a Tree programme.

For the last few years our UWCSEA community has been putting down virtual - and deeply symbolic - roots at the College, by planting an urban forest of native trees. The campuses are flourishing, nature’s heartbeat can be heard in the calls of native bird song and the buzzing of bees, and seen in the flittering glimpses of butterflies and tadpoles playing hide and seek with wide-eyed children. 

Biodiversity and reforestation have been keen strategic goals brought to life through the partnership between our Rainforest Restoration Nurseries and the Adopt a Tree programme. Since its launch the Adopt a Tree programme has seen over 250 trees adopted, representing over 100 different indigenous and many critically endangered species, over our two campuses, donated by generous families as well as classes, alumni, and individuals. 

On Dover alone, huge numbers of trees have been planted, enriching the biodiversity of the existing green spaces and breathing green life around the newly built High School. 


On East, what was just years ago a concrete building site, is now a lush green environment, where students play in the dappled shade of cascading green plant walls, sprinkle fresh garden herbs on their lunches, and chase butterflies amidst the ribbons of green planters blooming in the Tent Plaza. 




Sustainability and climate change issues are more important now than ever before. On our campuses urban forests are flourishing, sustainability initiatives are incorporated into the heart of our service programme (from composting to recycling, vege gardens to biodiversity), and the Rainforest Restoration Nurseries are in beautiful bloom. But there is much, much more to be done. 

Students are leading critical projects to expand solar power on the roof tops of our campuses (Solar for UWCSEA). 
Recent research is proving what so many already ‘know' - that being outside in nature has enormous benefits for wellbeing. For students opportunities to spend time learning in a green environment, both stimulates and calms, builds grit and resilience, encourages in-depth understanding and appreciation of nature, and inspires them to become the environmentally-aware leaders of tomorrow. We need your help to breath life into the Dover Green Heart and the East Green Classrooms, creating ‘living labs’ at the very heart of the College.

Please consider making a donation to help expand our UWCSEA sustainability programmes.