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Adopt a Tree

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Enhancing environmental education and greening the College

UWCSEA is committed to making environmental stewardship a major part of every child's education. Adopt a Tree programme provides a unique opportunity for our community to get involved and contribute to the preservation and protection of scarce indigenous trees from extinction.

Through the Adopt a Tree programme, the College community has adopted 304 indigenous trees since 2011, providing a shady and green environment. This programme is a core part of UWCSEA's Annual Fund and with 184 trees still available, it is a great way to demonstrate support for environmental protection, and leave a lasting legacy at the College.

Planting Ceremony

Planting a tree at UWCSEA is an experience we want you to be part of. We will organise a special planting ceremony and arrange a personalised plaque that will be planted alongside your tree.

Where does the money go?

The tree planting programme is a part of the College's Annual Fund campaign. The requested funding covers the cost of purchasing the tree and nurturing it until it matures. Your gift will also support your tree’s care and attention for many years to come.

Enquire about adopting a tree

To find out more or to enquire about the tree adoption process, contact us here.

Select the campus that you would like your tree to be planted:


"Coming from North America, Europe, South America, East Asia and now living in Singapore, we can really relate and connect with UWCSEA's mission. By adopting a tree on campus, we feel that we are planting our roots and investing in the future. It is a symbolic gift that reminds us of sustainability, and core values of UWCSEA."

Carolyn and David Yong, UWCSEA Parents

“The opportunity to contribute to the college in a tangible and meaningful way – with a symbolic and long lasting tree planting ceremony – allows us to remember our loved ones in one of the most beautiful ways as a part of the universe. My husband and I walked away reflecting on the serenity of this occasion and how one small gesture really can make a lasting difference in the community!”

Marialine Verdickt, UWCSEA Parent