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UWC scholarships to Singapore and the world

Scholarships, both full and partial, are available to all 17 of the UWC schools and colleges. These are allocated to successful applicants via the 150+ UWC national committees around the world, rather than directly by the UWC school or college. So, if you are interested in applying for a scholarship to UWCSEA or one of the other UWCs, please contact your home country UWC national committee. They will advise for which UWCs they have scholarships available to award, and provide details of their annual selection process. This varies from country to country.

A complete list of these committees and more information can be found here.

Scholarships for Singaporeans

As part of our commitment to UWC, UWCSEA has for many years funded three scholarships for Singaporeans to attend the two-year IB Diploma course at three of the other UWCs around the world. Currently, Singaporean students study in Norway, the US and Trieste in Italy on these unencumbered, two-year scholarships which include tuition and board. These scholarships are awarded by the UWC Singapore national committee via an annual selection process.

Singaporean citizens and PR's are invited to apply to the UWC Singapore national committee directly - click here for details.

How do I get more information?

Singapore citizens and PRs

Please contact the Singapore UWC national committee for details of their annual selection process. Visit their site or email them via

All other nationalities

Please contact your UWC national committee—the contact details are on the 'How to apply' page on the UWC international website: