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Application process

Step 1: Research the school and choose a campus

Step 2: Contact Admissions and visit the campus(es)

Step 3: Apply online

Step 4: Admission evaluation

Step 5: Offers and accepting a place

Step 1: Research the school and choose a campus

Review the information on our website, speak to other parents and teachers at your current school.

Its important that you do your research on the campus location, as once you accept a place on one campus its not possible to transfer between them. Day student applicants who would be genuinely happy with either campus can make a 'dual campus' application. 

There are many excellent sources of information on moving to Singapore. However, to assist families who are considering which campus to apply to prior to their move to Singapore, we’ve listed the key residential locations near each of our campuses.

Location of the campuses

While Singapore is comparatively small, it is worth considering the location of the campus in relation to your home and checking on the service and estimated travel times. The school bus operator provides transport to most locations around the island, but it is not guaranteed. 

Dover Campus



Location: the campus is in an area also referred to as Dover (District 5). The majority of Dover Campus families live in Districts 10, 5 and 9. 

Transport: refer to this overview of bus services provided by our transport operator for estimated travel times and costs from the different locations they service.

East Campus



Location: the campus is in District 18 (Far East – Tampines), very close to Changi Airport and Bedok Reservoir. The three most popular residential districts for East Campus families are Districts 15 and 16 on the East Coast and centrally located District 10, as traffic to the campus goes against the commuter flow.

Transport: refer to this overview of bus services provided by our transport operator for estimated travel times and costs from the different locations they service.

If you are considering applying to both campuses, equidistant residential districts to consider include Districts 11, 12 or 13. 

Step 2: Contact Admissions and visit the campus(es)

Please contact Admissions to arrange a tour and clarify any questions you have. An individual tailored tour will take about an hour. A group tour, which hosts up to three families who are looking at the same school section, can be around 1.5 hours.

If possible, visit while school is in session, as this provides a far greater insight into the quality of our programme and the vibrancy of our community.

Tours are offered Monday–Friday between 9am and 2pm. It is essential to book a campus tour in advance, as we are rarely able to provide a comprehensive tour at short notice. Due to child safeguarding, safety and security, self-guided tours are not possible.

We also have virtual tours of many parts of both Dover and East Campus.

The Admissions team also visits countries around Asia and Europe each year—click here to see a list of locations and dates.

Step 3: Apply online

You can apply online or register your interest in joining us in future. 

If applications are already open for the academic year you are interested in, submit the online application, which will include submitting supporting documentation and paying a non-refundable application fee(s). If you would be happy with either campus, you are able to apply to both using a single application form, by indicating you are making a dual application and paying two application fees.

The availability of places in some grades is not the same at both campuses. Before you make your selection as to which campus to apply to, please contact Admissions for information.

If applications for the year you are interested in having your child join the College are not yet open, register your interest and we will be in touch to let you know when applications open. We will also let you know about open days and other events relevant for families who are looking to join our community.

UWCSEA Nominee Programme (UNP) applicants

The Admissions Department can pre-screen UNP nominees at the request of subscribing corporations. It is important to note that applicants need either nominate as candidate via the UNP or apply via the general application process in any given year; if a standard application is unsuccessful, students cannot, regardless of meeting the entrance criteria, then be nominated as a UNP candidate for the same academic year.

Potential UNP nominees should contact Jon Parr, Director of Corporate Relations, prior to submitting an online application to discuss the process. Please also review the information on the UNP before submitting an application.

Step 4: Admission evaluation

During this step, Admissions looks at your child’s application to assess their eligibility to be considered for a place. They will be in touch to confirm or clarify details, and may request further information.

Some applicants are asked to come to the College for an assessment. This is generally to ascertain whether any specific support might be required or to ensure the applicant has the necessary level of English to progress well in our programme. All eligible High School applicants are asked to attend a student forum on campus with current students, and some are tested.

Once an application has been evaluated, parents are advised of their child's eligibility to be considered for a place. If the applicant is eligible, their name is placed on the application register for consideration when places are allocated. Parents of applicants who are not eligible to join the application register are contacted by the Director of Admissions.

Admissions assessments

K1 through to Grade 8 applicants

Applicants must have school reports that indicate they can cope with the demands of our learning programme. We may ask applicants to complete assessments where we feel we need more comprehensive information. These assessments are appropriate to the age of the child, and to the area in which we require more information—older students may be asked to complete a standardised assessment under supervision on campus.

Applicants to the Infant School (Kindergarten 1 to Grade 1) may be asked to come for an entry assessment; this could be in the form of an interview or some guided time with one of our specialist teachers.

Grade 9, 10 Foundation IB and Grade 11 IB Diploma applicants

All eligible applicants are asked to attend an assessment day. Your child will spend an afternoon at the College with up to 11 other applicants participating in a number of activities, including a discussion forum with current UWCSEA students. Your child will also be interviewed. If English is not your child’s first language, he or she will be asked to sit an English assessment during the course of the day.

Assessment days are held between January and March. To ensure a diverse group of participants, each applicant is assigned a particular date; families are given at least two weeks notice of the date your child has been assigned to. For those applying from overseas, assessment days will also be held during the College’s outreach visits and your Admissions Officer can help arrange this if necessary.

Applicants whose interview and assessments indicate that they would be in a position to progress well in our High School programmes, and who have demonstrated that they have met the broader aspects of our entrance criteria, are placed in the pool for consideration when places are allocated. This does not confirm that your child will be offered a place; rather it means that your child’s application will be considered when available places are allocated during the offer period (step 5 below).

If, following the interview and assessment day, the Director of Admissions concludes that the College will not be a good fit for your child, or that we are not going to be able to offer a place due to the number of eligible candidates, the Director will advise you by email. At this point, the application will close; you will have an opportunity to meet with the Director if you wish to do so.

Grade 11 IB Diploma applicants

In support of subject selection, applicants:

  • may be required to have additional interviews for Higher Level Science courses after the initial assessments
  • requesting Design Technology (Higher or Standard Level) must complete an additional questionnaire
  • requesting Art or Music (Higher or Standard Level) must provide evidence of their performance standard, generally via a CD or DVD portfolio

English language requirements

Students must have a level of English that will enable them to progress in the College’s programmes. If English is not your child's first language we may invite them for an assessment.

Dover Campus applicants may be admitted to the English as an Additional Language (EAL) programme from Grade 1.

East Campus offers EAL support for all students from K1, with a formal programme offered from Grade 6.

Individual learning needs

It is important to provide as much information as possible about your child's individual requirements, including any specialist reports, at the time of application so that we can assess if we are able to support your child.

Where we feel that an assessment is required, we will invite you to bring your child to the campus you are applying to for an assessment. 


If you are applying for your child to join as a boarder, we  review the application to determine the applicant’s suitability to board. This involves reviewing the information in the application and an interview with one of the Directors of Residential Life and/or the Director of Admissions.

Step 5: Offers and accepting a place

Eligible applicants are considered for places in the next academic year during our offer period, which generally runs between November and May. The first phase of offers, for the new places available incrementally each year, begins in mid-November for grades with new places to offer in Kindergarten 1 to Grade 8.

The majority of Grade 9, 10 (FIB) and 11 (IB) places will be offered at the end of March, during the second phase.

The third phase, which begins in April, fills the places vacated by students leaving the College. If we are notified of current students leaving the College we may be able to offer places until the commencement of the school year.

Eligible applicants to K1–Grade 8 who are not offered a place for the start of the academic year can elect to remain on the application register for an immediate entry place, which may become available due to a student leaving the College after the start of the academic year. These offers are made at any time up to and including the beginning of Term 2 in January.


If a place is allocated to your child, we contact you by email to ensure you still interested. We ask that you reply in writing within 48 hours to confirm you are still interested in the place. 

Once we receive your email confirming you wish to proceed, we will email you an enrolment pack—one per successful applicant. The pack will include the formal letter of offer and a Confirmation of Acceptance agreement, as well as other important information relating to your child’s enrolment. To secure the place, (both) parents need to electronically sign the Confirmation of Acceptance and then submit payment of the acceptance fees (being the enrolment fee and Term 1 fees) within two weeks. These fees are non-refundable should you later cancel your acceptance.  

At this point, your child's enrolment is complete, and your child's records pass to the relevant school section. The school offices (and boarding house if appropriate) then contact families to facilitate your child’s smooth transition into the school. The timing of this contact varies, depending on when your child is starting school.


Deferrals are not available. If you are offered a place and are unable to take it up, a fresh application must be submitted for the new proposed year of entry.

Unsuccessful applicants—reapplying

You are able to re-apply for entry in a later academic year when applications for that year open, by submitting a new application, including payment of another application fee.

Contact Admissions for more information

Dover Campus

  1. T + 65 6774 2653
  2. E

East Campus

  1. T + 65 6305 5353
  2. E