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Entrance criteria

UWCSEA seeks to enrol students who will be able to embrace the opportunities offered by the College, and who are committed to our mission and vision. All applications are reviewed to determine whether the applicant will be able to benefit fully from the opportunities offered by UWCSEA.

The specific areas that we take into consideration when assessing the eligibility of an applicant to be placed on our application roll are:

Approach to learning

A positive approach to learning, including effort and behavior is crucial. We also look for involvement in a range of activities including the arts, service, sports, outdoor pursuits and student leadership.

Academic profile

K1 through to Grade 8

Applicants must have school reports that indicate they can progress well and with confidence in curriculum.

In the absence of formal school reports, applicants to the Infant School (Kindergarten 1 to Grade 1) may be asked to come for a group observation session.

Grade 9, 10 FIB and IB Diploma Programme

Applicants are interviewed and participate in a group discussion forum led by students currently enrolled in our High School. They also take assessments in Mathematics and, if applicable, a second language (if English, Chinese, French or Spanish). Results are are not considered in the process of allocating places to eligible candidates, rather they are used as a guide for subject selection.

IB Diploma

In support of subject selection, applicants:

  • may be required to have additional interviews for Higher Level Science courses after the initial assessments
  • requesting Design Technology (Higher or Standard Level) must complete an additional questionnaire
  • requesting Art or Music (Higher or Standard Level) must provide evidence of their performance standard, generally via a CD or DVD portfolio
English language proficiency

Kindergarten 1–Grade 5

We provide an English as an Additional Language (EAL) programme on Dover Campus and support EAL learners on East Campus.  There may be an additional charge for the EAL programme - please contact Admissions for further details.

Grade 6–Grade 9

Applicants may be admitted to our EAL programme if the applicant demonstrates the required level of English and also proficiency in their first language (mother tongue).

Grade 10 Foundation IB and Grade 11 IB Diploma

All applicants, regardless of background, are tested in English and in any other language(s) suitable for the Language options in the IB Diploma. Alternative languages (first language/mother tongue) must be on the IB approved language list.

Individual learning needs

If your child has benefited from individual or small group support in the past, please contact Admissions before submitting an application. The College has an excellent Learning Support Department, however its resources are limited, and applicants who may require learning support are assessed individually to ensure we have the resources to support the student appropriately.

If your child requires additional support, entry will be subject to an individual assessment and a place being available in the support programme. These assessments are, without exception, held at the College.

It is important to provide as much information as possible about your child's individual requirements, including any specialist reports, at the time of application so that we can assess if we are able to support your child. It is vital that you keep us updated during the application process if further information becomes available.


All day students must reside with at least one parent who is also resident in Singapore and is present for at least 90% of each term. Students applying to Grade 8 and above must apply to the boarding house if neither parent will be residing in Singapore.

All students are required to have an appropriate immigration pass in order to attend school, and, by law, parents need to ensure that the College has up-to-date copies of these passes.

Singapore citizens

In line with the Singapore government’s regulations that require Singaporean citizens to attend MOE schools, the College policy is to accept applications from Singapore citizens only in limited circumstances.

Age boundary for grades

In Primary and Middle School (Kindergarten 1 to Grade 8) placement is strictly according to age by 1 September of the year of entry. We do not accept applications to place students in a higher grade, but it is possible to request placement in a grade below if that follows the educational history of your child.

We consider 'out-of-grade placements' for applicants from Grade 9 onwards on a case-by-case basis, although such an arrangement is rare.

Age-grade table for application for August 2019 entry.


Siblings, returning students and children of alumni

Siblings, students returning to the College after a period away and children of alumni are subject to the same entry criteria as new applicants. However, their status in this category is a factor we consider when assessing eligible applicants in order to make an offer of a place.

Contact Admissions for more information

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East Campus

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