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RSIC Live Stream

Welcome to the conference live stream. We will be streaming the following events live:

  1. Opening Ceremony - Saturday, 3 October, 9-10.45am SGT (UTC+8)
  2. Tim Jarvis Keynote - Saturday, 3 October, 11.15am-12.15pm SGT (UTC+8
  3. Kavita Ramdas Keynote - Sunday, 4 October, 10.45-11.45am SGT (UTC+8)
  4. Nidhi Kapur's Keynote: Wednesday, 7 October, 9.15-10.15am SGT (UTC+8)
  5. Closing Ceremony - Wednesday, 7 October, 10.30am-12.15pm  SGT (UTC+8)

To see recorded videos of previous streamed events from the conference, click here.

Click on the player above to enlarge the playback screen, change the volume and pause the playback. For troubleshooting tips click here.

For best results while watching please use a fast (broadband) Internet connection and ensure that you are not using the Internet for other tasks in the background.


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