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UWCSEA's approach to the use of technology is based on a large body of research that clearly shows the benefits of the use of technology to support learning. Our College learning principles and the UWCSEA profile provide ample guidance in developing pedagogically-driven uses of technology for all ages of students across the academic programme and beyond.

Student access to technology

Primary School (K1-Grade 5)

Students in Kindergarten 1 to Grade 3 use iPads, while Grade 4 and 5 students are provided with a laptop, which they use in the classroom for the duration of the year. All devices used in the Primary School are provided by the school and are left at school every day.

Students in Grade 2–5 also regularly require access to a computer at home. All students engage in age-appropriate collaborative learning and homework tasks. Some homework is assigned, completed and submitted using online tools. Many of the online tools are accessed in the classroom at school and students then login to complete or extend their learning through homework.

Middle and High School (Grade 6 and up)

In August 2019, the College is moving to a family-ownership model, where parents buy the student's laptop themselves. This is a more sustainable model, which will give parents flexibility on when to replace the laptop, while clear guidelines on laptop specifications and common software will ensure that we retain the benefits to learning of our current model.

We will provide a preferred vendor and the same process of collection at the College and helpdesk support, so that the process remains smooth and straightforward for parents. In addition, insurance and warranty will be bundled in the preferred pricing through the vendor.

In practical terms, this means that any student due a new laptop in August 2019 will buy it themselves (according to specification requirements to be provided by the College). Students who currently have a College-owned laptop but are not due a new one in August will need to own that laptop by the time school begins in August 2019.

Details of the programme and the transfer of ownership process are in this FAQs document. Please read them carefully. If you have any further questions, please contact the Director of IT (


Current laptop model - until Term 2, AY2018/2019

In Grades 6 and above families purchase laptops for their children to use, which they bring to school every day. In order to provide the best learning experience for students, these laptops must meet or exceed minimum specifications published by the College. Download information on the UWCSEA laptop ownership programme.


Supporting our learning community in using technology

Digital literacy coaches and technology mentors lead technology integration; you can see their postings on the technology blogs linked to the right. 

A significant portion of our programme is spent addressing education and issues around digital citizenship and e-safety, and we are part of an international accreditation system, Generation Safe, to help ensure that we are offering comprehensive support in this important area. 

While technology definitely improves learning, our recent student, parent and staff surveys show that distraction is the single biggest negative impact of technology in the classrooms. Developing strategies for dealing with distraction and managing the impact of the easy availability of devices is another core focus for us at UWCSEA. Technology is important, but only as long as it supports learning.

Apple Distinguished School

UWCSEA was recognised as an Apple Distinguished School for 2013–2016 for its strong focus on pedagogy and teacher practice within a technology-rich learning environment. The Apple Distinguished School designation indicates a programme that meets criteria for innovation, leadership, and educational excellence. Read more about how we achieved this via the links below:

Visionary leadership

Innovative teaching and learning

Ongoing professional development

Evidence of success

UWCSEA was also the inaugural winner of the 21st Century School of the Year Award in December 2013. The award, which is sponsored globally by Pearson, is designed to recognize schools who excel in their use of technologies to support student learning.



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