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About Us

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About Us

UWCSEA is a united, welcoming community, spread across two campuses that embrace students and their families .
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Guiding Statements

Our Guiding Statements help to ensure that our students are equipped to enact the mission throughout their lives . 
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East HS Academics Learning


A UWCSEA education is values-based and holistic, developing young people who will build a more peaceful and sustainable world. Learn more.

Thumbnail of Concept-Based Curriculum

K–12 Concept-Based Curriculum.

Our curriculum is designed to help students develop knowledge, skills and understanding through five elements of our learning programme. Learn more.


Dover PSE MS Community Building


The passion and energy of our diverse community of students is what makes our campuses come to life. Learn more.

East Boarding Scholars 28


Our scholars come from a wide range of backgrounds and bring unique perspectives and experience to our community. Learn more.


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A welcome from our Director of Admissions and introduction to our process. Learn more.

UWCSEA runs an annual application cycle

Applications for 2024/2025

Applications for the 2024/2025 school year will open on 1 September . 2023 Learn more.



If you are as inspired by our mission to make education a force to unite people...Learn more.

Working at UWCSEA

We welcome applications from prospective colleagues who will contribute to our diverse community…Learn more.

Our Big Ideas

Dover Activities JS IDEAS Hub

Our Big Ideas

As a learning community, we engage with the world of ideas to connect concepts and put ideas into action. Learn more.


Kishore Mahbubani Speaker Series

Join our KMSS sessions as we engage as a community with leading thinkers and conversation shapers from Singapore. Learn more.

Support Us

UWCSEA Foundation Donor Celebration event

Support us

The UWCSEA culture of giving and service is central to our identity as a mission-aligned community. Learn more.

UWCSEA Foundation Mikael and Luuk

Impact of Giving

The generosity of our community has had a significant impact on individuals and groups in Singapore, the region and globally. Learn more.

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UWC makes education a force to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future. 

UWC makes education a force to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future.

mission in action

K-12 learning

A holistic learning programme that educates individuals to embrace challenge and shape a better world. Learn More

community voices

Our united, welcoming community is a vibrant, truly international group of mission-aligned individuals. Learn More

Community voices

Profile Galen

CV Galen

We learn in a lot of different ways.

Galen, Student, Dover Campus

Profile 1

Community Voices Hannah

I have learned how each subject merges with my everyday life.

Hannah '23, East Campus student

Profile 2

We value and trust in the school and community.

Kuniko Fuls, Grade 3 Parent, Dover Campus

Profile 3

Community Voices Michelle

I grew a deep appreciation for cultures.

Michelle Osiro '20, Dover Campus alumnus

Profile 4

My values are very close to UWCSEA's values. There is a unique sense of a united community.

Aman Singh Chauhan, Head of Facilities and Operations

Profile 5

Community Voices Dheer '23

People are willing to go out of their way to help you.

Dheer '23, Dover Campus student

Profile 6

Community Voices Leah

Every day I am inspired by our students and their motivation to learn.

Leah Daniels, Head of Grade 3, Dover Campus

Profile 8

At UWCSEA, my son is exploring, innovating, improvising and learning. He has developed a passion for helping others and I couldn't be prouder.

Ranita Gupta, Grade 2 Parent, East Campus

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Profile Galen

Profile 1

Profile 2

Community Voices Kuniko

Kuniko Fuls, Grade 3 Parent, Dover Campus

Since my daughter Aika joined K1 in 2016, she has repeated the school values at home, especially 'Be kinder than necessary' which I believe requires a lot of imagination and observation of one's environment. Being kind not only to your friends and teachers but also to ourselves is important as we sometimes tend to neglect our own wellbeing by following busy daily routines. Kindness can be extended further to the others in the community and then those you don't know. That is well promoted by the Service Learning part of the UWCSEA programme.

My husband and I are not originally from Singapore and so the UWCSEA Dover community has become like our extended family. We feel a sense of community, not only for our daughter but also for ourselves as parents. We value and trust in the school and community, and are impressed by so many aspects of their care - varying from how they have adjusted for students and families with the ever changing COVID situation, to how all the staff take care of our children while they are on campus!

UWCSEA’s educational philosophy encourages students to think, analyse and find solutions by putting importance on process. While the Japanese educational system teaches by asking students to memorize a textbook without asking why, UWCSEA’s education starts with letting students ask 'why' and values a more independent approach. I feel this is indispensable for our children, who are facing an ever changing and challenging future.

A better world starts with a drop of kindness from one individual, and this is something both UWCSEA and our family value, and encourage and practice in our daily lives. 

Profile 3

Profile 4


Aman Singh Chauhan, Head of Facilities and Operations

My connection with UWCSEA is a unique one. I was busy climbing a so-called corporate ladder until I realised that I was slowly moving away from my values. My values are very close to UWCSEA's values. There is a unique sense of a united community which I cannot explain in words, truly it can only be experienced by being part of the remarkable culture created by the communities on both campuses.

This organization has impacted me personally as well as professionally in so many positive ways, and I am very grateful for the fact that I have an opportunity to be a part of its mission. Education, Sustainability and Peace are very close to my heart and the members of UWCSEA showcase their committment to these as values in action, day-in day-out - which I find inspiring!

Profile 5

Profile 6

Community Voices Leah

Leah Daniels, Head of Grade 3, Dover Campus

I teach at UWCSEA because it defines the way I live my life. The school's mission and values are completely aligned with my own. I am part of a movement which believes that education is a force to unite people, as do I, and it lives and breathes that mission. It is immensely rewarding working with motivated, engaged students from all over the world and the professionalism of my colleagues is inspirational; we buzz on a daily basis. 

The Service programme is exceptional; permeates children of all ages and creates wonderful human beings contributing to the society we live in and the wider world.  I am inspired by our children and their motivation to learn, perform, organise, engage with others from all walks of life and take action. And, whilst there are opportunities to enrich the lives of the students I teach, my own life is enriched on a daily basis. UWCSEA is a thriving, energetic and wonderful place to be. Where else could I get this in my working life?

Profile 8

Community Voices Ranita

Ranita Gupta, Grade 2 Parent, East Campus

We are a family that believe in honesty, and in helping people. We believe in 3R's - Reuse, Recycle and Restore to protect Mother Earth. I'm proud that my son is a part of the UWCSEA family and he is learning how to give back to society. He has started to feel for fellow children in Kuma, Cambodia and has developed a passion for helping others. At UWCSEA, he has the opportunity to explore, innovate, improvise and learn. He showed great resilience during the home based learning phase, as he tried to do things independently and showed some great thinking while doing his work. I couldn't be prouder.

thinking big

Our community of thinkers is uniquely placed to connect concepts, test theories and put ideas into action. Learn More


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Our community is created by an intentional focus on diversity and inclusion which increases the richness of the experience. Learn More

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