The Aceh Project: ten years of helping

Determined to make a difference in the aftermath of the Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami in December 2004, the UWCSEA community offered immediate support, but also wished to make a positive, long-term impact. Here is the story of how this ten year project continues to make a difference.

Turning an idea into action: Solar for Dover

Read how Raghav Shukla (Class of 2015) is leaving his mark on the Dover Campus, with the launch of the Solar for Dover initiative - a project hatched when he was in Grade 5 after he investigated ways he could take personal action to promote energy conservation.

Stories celebrating our community

Explore the stories celebrating the diverse community that makes up UWCSEA in Singapore, contributed by students, staff, alumni and parents. While some stories are based on the content of the Dunia magazine, eDunia contains videos, slide shows and extended articles. Read more...